Bolivia Visa

Many nationalities require a visa to enter Bolivia. The visa requirements for each individual depends on the nationality on the passport under which you will be travelling. Some visas are free, others require payment. Some can be obtained upon arrival to the Bolivian border. Others MUST be obtained in advance. It is critical to research your visa requirements before travel and apply for your Bolivia visa within the necessary timelines.

Our guide below breaks down the visa process step-by-step in combination with Bolivia Hop’s handy Bolivia Visa Requirements tool that allows you to select your country, see what group you are in, and give you a summary of the necessary requirements!

What Visa Group Are You In?

The Bolivian goverment has listed all the countries into 3 different groups. Based on the group your in, they will ask for different requisites needed to enter the country. To quickly check what group your in, use our Visa tool below! Find your group according to your country of passport here: