Explore Bolivia

Located in the heart of South America, Bolivia is surrounded by Brazil to the northeast, Paraguay to the southeast, Argentina to the south, Chile to the southwest, and  Peru to the northwest. Though completely landlocked, Bolivia along with Peru, borders Lake Titicaca; the world’s highest navigable lake.

Covering more than 1,098,581 square kilometres, Bolivia is the world’s 28th-largest country and the fifth largest country in South America. The geographically diverse country exhibits a great variety of terrain and climates as well as an enormous array of ecosystems; making it one of the most bio diverse places on the planet.

Consisting of 9 departments, each of Bolivia’s destinations are distinctive in character, defined by their own unique attractions and cultures. And with the country being so compact, travellers can easily visit several on their trip.

Offering up surreal landscapes, fun-filled festivals, vibrant cities, bustling markets and adrenaline pumping activities, it’s not a question of where to go in Bolivia. Rather, it’s a question of knowing which places simply cannot be missed! 

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Bolivia’s Regions

La Paz

Home to sub tropical valleys, ancient architectural sights, tranquil pueblos and bustling cities, the region is at once, modern and historic, exciting and relaxing.

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Situated at dizzying heights on the Altiplano is a region celebrated for its natural beauty, indigenous heritage, world famous carnaval and breathtaking vistas.

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Once regarded as the richest province in the Spanish empire, Potosi is now known for its infamous silver mine and for being home to the largest salt flat in the world!

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A scenic region featuring beautiful year-round weather, great outdoor activites, as well as a colourful and dynamic culture which prides itself on its local cuisine.

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Located in the temperate valleys of Bolivia’s south, Chuquisaca is regarded for its cultural and historical attractions as well as being home to the country’s most beautiful city.

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Chasing the tails of Chile and Argentina’s well-established vineyards, is a small Bolivian region producing some of South America’s finest wines.

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Santa Cruz

Differentiating itself from other parts of the country, Santa Cruz shines due to its tropical savanna climate, low-lying altitude, gorgeous wildlife and vibrant Camba culture.

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Home to a record breaking number of animal and plant species, Beni is the ideal place to experience our planet’s awe-inspiring animal kingdom.

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Covered in dense rainforests and flowing rivers, the remote Amazonian region of Pando is one of Bolivia’s hottest, wettest and isolated destinations.

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Recommended Trips

Ultimate Bolivia

From adrenaline-pumping activities and spectacular wildlife to beautiful indigenous villages and unique cultural experiences, there is something to suit every taste and travel-style.

Wonder Of Nature

Done solely as a wildlife tour, or in combination with city stops along the way, the itinerary is a great way to catch a glimpse of some of the country’s best natural wonders.

2 Days In Coroico

Located only 2 hours from La Paz, in the subtropical Yunga Valley, Coroico is famed for its sunny orange groves, picturesque natural pools, scenic hikes and sweeping valley views.

Adventure Seeker

Whether you’re looking to conquer a fear, fulfill a life-long ambition or simply try something new, the following list of activities will leave you grinning from ear to ear!