One of Bolivia’s most beloved national icons is the llama, a cute albeit moody ball of fluff famed not only for its soft wool, gentle nature and hardy strength, but also for its peculiar penchant for spitting on people. Because llamas are awesome, we have decided to share some of the best llama-themed gifts on the web. From bags and t-shirts to jewelry and décor, the following are sure to tame even the most serious case of llama love!

1. Llama T-Shirt

llama themed gifts bolivia

Ask me about my llama T-shirt, $18.99 – $23.99

2. Llama Salt and Pepper Shakers

llama themed gifts bolivia (2) 1×1 Llama Salt and Pepper Shakers, $9.46

3. Llama Earrings

llama gifts bolivia

Llama French Loop Earrings, $15.00

4. Llama Mug

llama gifts bolivia 2

Dali Llama Mug, $13.95

5. Llama Hoodie

llama gift bolivia

No Prob Llama Hoodie, $17.95 – $20.95

6. Llama T-Shirt

llama gift bolivia 2

Llama Said Knock You Out Men’s T-Shirt, $22.00

7. Llama Picture Book

llama gift bolivia

Llama Llama Red Pajama, $10.14

8. Llama Book Journal

llama gift bolivia (2)

Cute Llamas Blank Book Journal, $5.23

9. Llama Pajamas

llama gift bolivia

CafePress Llama Mama Women’s Dark Pajamas, $36.00

10. Llama iPhone Case

llama gift bolivia

Llama Boho Tough Case For Iphone 6, $18.99

11. Llama Poster

llama gift bolivia 3

Ali Gulec’s Llama Poster 23 x 34.5, $32.00

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12. Llama Flopsie

llama gift bolivia 4

Aurora World 12″ Llama Flopsie, $10.15

13. Llama Tote Bag

llama gift bolivia 5

Save The Drama For Your Llama Tote Bag, $22.00

14. Llama Shaker

llama-gift-bolivia-6 Green Tones Llama Shaker, $9.00

15. Llama Necklace

llama gift bolivia

Mark Poulin Women’s Pewter Llama Love Magnetic Necklace, $22.00

16. Llama Hug Pillow

llama gift bolivia 3 Aunt Merry Mokomoko Llama Alpaca Hug Pillow, $12.54

17. Llama Pillow Case

llama gift bolivia 2

Cartoon Llama Pillow Case 16×16 (two sides), $8.00

18. Llama Christmas Ornament

llama gift bolivia 5

Llama Sleigh Ride Christmas Ornament, $16.95

19. Llama Wall Art

llama gift bolivia Pat Saunders-White Canvas Wall Art, 18 x 24-Inch, $47.52

20. Llama Baseball Cap

llama gift bolivia

CafePress Llama Silhouette Baseball Cap, $13.99

21. Llama Window Sticker

llama gift bolivia 2

Spit Happens Llama Window Decal Sticker, $7.49

22. Llama Water Bottle

llama gift bolivia 5

Personalized Llama Aluminum White Finish 600ml Sport Water Bottle, $19.95

23. Llama Toy

llama gift bolivia 4

Llama Llama Plush, $23.72

24. Llama Crossing Sign

llama gift bolivia 7

Llama Xing caution Crossing Sign, $8.75

25. Llama Snack

llama gift bolivia 3 Llama’s Sweet Chilli Whole Wheat Baked Bites, $9.59 If you’ve got a favorite llama item be sure to share it in the comments below: Disclosure: If you click on the above links and make a purchase, at no extra cost to you, a small commission is paid to us which helps pay for the ongoing management of our website. Thank you for your support! FIND OUT WHY