2020 Updated Information about the new bus service in Colombia, Colombia Hop. Off the back of the successful Peru Hop, Bolivia Hop and Ecuador Hop, welcome the Hop Family to Colombia

Travelers who have already experienced Hop-on, hop-off buses will be thrilled to hear about the newest member of the family: Colombia Hop. Colombia Hop is brought to you by the same dedicated team of hardworking travelers as Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador Hop. Off the back of these successes, Colombia hop has been introduced as the newest, safest, and most traveler-friendly way of getting around Colombia by bus.

By combining years of travel experience, travel mistakes, and stories from the hundreds of travelers that have been met on the road, two Irish men have managed to cultivate an almost flawless method of traveling around South America. From seemingly simple money-saving changes like direct hotel and hostel pick up, you can rest assured that your safety is being considered as a priority while traveling in countries that can be considered intimidating at first.

One of the largest issues to overcome while traveling in a foreign country is language barriers. Colombia Hop has considered this as well, and overcome the hurdle by ensuring that every bus has a local bilingual guide on board at all times. This means that you will never be left confused or misinterpreting anything, from the price of a taxi to your hostel (hotel drop off, remember!) to what you are ordering at a restaurant. Colombia Hop staff are around to help you whenever you are on the bus and want to brush up on your Spanish, or if you want insider advice on the best places to eat, sleep, or the hidden gems of the cities you are in.

visit Guatape with Colombia Hop

More than just this, Colombia Hop helps to give back to the local economy. This is done by employing local people, working with local restaurants and hostels and paying local taxes. This means that you can travel ethically, while still experiencing the real Colombia.

Colombia Hop is the best way for you to get off the beaten track and experience the real Colombia. The Hop family learned from their mistakes in order to give you the best possible experience. Remember they also have companies in Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia.

visit medellin with Colombia Hop