Represents the hard, solid objects of the earth. Associated with stubbornness, collectiveness , physicality and gravity

explore the elements photo contest

I chose Árbol de Piedra not only for its strange tree-like protrusion from the ground, but also for its resolute stance against the Earth’s relentless pull, fighting to stay upright as the wind axes away at its core.


Represents the fluid, flowing, formless things in the world. Associated with emotion, defensiveness, adaptability, flexibility, suppleness, and magnetism


Laguna Colorada has the remarkable ability to shift colours from deep blue to dark red throughout the year. Contrasts form in the interplay of fluid layers, weaving their way from the tips of the cloud-covered mountains down to the feet of the feeding flamingos.


Represents the energetic, forceful, moving things in the world. Associated with security, motivation, desire, intention, and an outgoing spirit


High in the altiplano, a flame-colored crop has set Bolivia ablaze. Quinoa, the long-cherished indigenous food source has exploded onto the global stage leaving its homeland burnt but renewed.


Represents things that grow, expand, and enjoy freedom of movement. Associated with will, elusiveness, evasiveness, benevolence, compassion, and wisdom

explore the elements contest

I can almost feel the crispy fresh air in this photo. The lone flamingo reminds me how lucky I am to travel this big, beautiful world, a freedom I will never take for granted.