Find the best restaurants in Sucre Bolivia and satisfy your hunger in this historical city.

In every single trip, we as travelers are always willing to try different things as it’s part of the adventure. Traveling allows us to get new knowledge and helps us to understand what is outside our environment. Gastronomy is an aspect that shows the great diversity a culture can own. For this reason, it’s important to include it when we travel to a new destination.

When traveling, many people like to taste new flavors, and so, get to know better the destination and its traditions. Sucre, the white city as many people call it, is a perfect place to find the best Bolivian food as there is a big variety of restaurants. This city is known for its unique colonial infrastructure and history so you will realize there are a lot of things to do and explore. One of them will be trying the local food surely.

Finding the ideal place to delight our palates would be something to take into consideration. While walking around the city, we can come across plenty of restaurants that will show us the best of the best, however, not all of them can give us what we are looking for which is quality and traditional flavors.

Please join us to discover where you can find the most delightful food in Sucre, the white city of South America.

Pizzeria Napolitana

If you are into Pizzas, this restaurant will be ideal for sure. Here you can find a great variety of pizzas and pasta along with a warm place to rest and relax. Prices are pretty affordable and the quality of the service is pretty good as well.

There is no doubt this restaurant, thanks to its experience, has achieved a lot in the past 30 years. Its location is very accessible as you can find it in La Plaza 25 de Mayo.

Salteñería El Patio

You can not leave Sucre without tasting some traditional food. Salteñeria El Patio is located on San Alberto Street very close to the Central Market, in a colonial-style house. The salteñas, small turnovers stuffed with meat, are super delicious here, the truth is that they are huge and a little bit expensive compared to what a salteña costs anywhere in Bolivia, but they are definitely worth it.

In this place, you can also taste the very well-known salteñas Santa Clara that are made of Chicken and have a different shape than a traditional salteña. Give it a try, you won’t regret it

salteñas de sucre

Café Mirador

The most admirable thing about this place is the impressive view of the city that you can get while eating a snack and relaxing. Here you can find, mainly, pasta, pizzas, and sandwiches. It is worth mentioning that this is not a place that offers traditional Bolivian food at all but gives you the chance to have a panoramic view of the city. This is a must-visit restaurant when visiting Sucre.

cafe mirador

Abis Café

This restaurant cafe is one of the most famous and tourist places in Sucre, mainly because of the variety of dishes such as coffee, cakes, and main meals. Prices here are very reasonable as well, making it the perfect option for people who are on a budget and want to eat tasty food. There is also wifi available so you can take your time chilling out or maybe get to make some friends as the restaurant it’s always full of tourists and locals.

restaurant cafe

Chorizos 7 Lunares

This restaurant is one of the most visited by the local people in Sucre. Its main dish is the chorizo sandwich which is a great option when having breakfast. Also, you can get to taste the famous mixed ham and rolled-up sandwich, highly recommended indeed. Although you can find chorizo sandwiches in other cities, it makes more sense to visit the central market and stop by to taste the chorizo of the 7 moles.

chorizos sucre

Churrasquería El Bagual

If you are a meat lover, this restaurant will be for you. The food in this place is very good and the service is exceptional. As a tip, enjoy any of these dishes with a glass of wine, it will make your experience more satisfactory. Do do not miss the chance to taste the meat of Sucre because it is something you will not find anywhere else.

sucre meat

Café Restaurant Florin

In this restaurant, a great variety of international dishes are prepared such as pasta, pizzas, hamburgers, Mexican food, and of course, Bolivian food. Many people like this place for the great service offered besides the free wifi. At night, the café restaurant Florin turns into a lively bar where you can get craft beers made by the owner, and why not, spend a good time with your friends.

craft beer

Further information about delicious snacks

Para Ti

Even though this is not a restaurant, we wanted to mention it as the chocolates you find here is one of the best in Bolivia. These chocolates are pretty famous among locals, and not only in Sucre but all over the country. Many people, including tourists, come here to taste their unique flavor. If you are visiting Sucre, give it a try!

chocolate sucre bolivia

Heladería Sandra

You can’t leave the city without trying this city’s ice creams. Heladería Sandra will be a good option to get to try new flavors since they are made with mostly traditional ingredients of the city. Even if the weather doesn’t help and it’s a cold day, don not hesitate to try these ice creams.

sucre ice cream

The gastronomy in Sucre will be something to take into consideration when visiting this beautiful city. Taste new food and don’t stop discovering new flavors. We hope you can visit any of these restaurants and do not miss on Bolivian food.