Group 2 visa


Visa available on arrival at the border

NO VISA FEE is charged if you go to Bolivian Consulate IN ADVANCE
The Standard Processing Time for Visa at the Consulate takes 24 hours
If applying at the border, VISA FEE is 665 Bolivianos ($95 USD approx.)

*IMPORTANT: US Dollar notes must be in perfect condition. Old, torn or marked notes will
not be accepted by officials.

Group 2 Must Present:

  • 6 month validity remaining on passport
  • 2 copies of passport information page
  • 2 passport photos
  • Detailed printed itinerary of your time in Bolivia
  • Exit ticket out of Bolivia
  • Photocopy of bank statement
  • Special immigration form – available on Bolivia Hop bus

IMPORTANT: It is the personal responsibility of each passenger to ensure
that they have all the correct documentation to present for their visa
application. Border officials are very strict so you will want to come prepared.

Bolivia Hop strongly recommends for passengers from Group II countries to process
their visa in advance. It is much cheaper (NO VISA FEE IF YOU APPLY IN ADVANCE)
and it also ensures a smooth, fast and easy entry across the border.

At Bolivia Hop we do our best to provide the most accurate and timely
information regarding the border crossing, however you should check
your local embassy’s website for the most recent information and prices.
We do not accept liability for any information that may not be correct on this page.