Miami International Airport, also known as MIA, is one of the main airports in the world servicing flights to Bolivia. Because only a handful of US and European airlines offer direct flights to the country, many flights are required to stopover in Miami before making their way onto La Paz or Santa Cruz. Whilst there are numerous ways to fly from Miami to Bolivia, finding a good price with a minimal lay over does require some research.  The following tables outline various airlines servicing the Miami – Bolivia flight route and the average prices you can expect to pay for a one way ticket:

La Paz – Miami

Flight DurationStop OversTime Between FlightsPrice One Way
BoA7.30 hoursSanta Cruz13.10 hours$470
Avianca8.50 hoursLima1 hour$670
American Airlines8.30 hoursSanta Cruz1.35 hours$886
LAN9.30 hoursLima1.35 hours$926

Miami – La Paz

Flight DurationStop OversTime Between FlightsPrice One Way
BoA7.30 hoursSanta Cruz2.55 hours$395
Avianca7.30 hoursBogota1.11 hours$469
American Airlines6.20 hoursDirect0$723
LAN7.20 hoursLima1.20 hours$536

Santa Cruz – Miami

Flight DurationStop OversTime Between FlightsPrice One Way
BoA6.30 hoursDirect0$470
Avianca9.28 hoursLima1 hour$692
American Airlines6.52 hoursDirect0$800
LAN10.05 hoursLima1.30 hours$751
Copa9.30 hoursPanama1.30 hours$698

Miami – Santa Cruz

Flight DurationStop OversTime Between FlightsPrice One Way
BoA6.30 hoursDirect0$393
Avianca10.17 hoursLima1.50 hours$381
US Airways9.14 hoursLa Paz1.15 hours$720
LAN12 hoursLima3.40 hours$676
Copa8 hoursPanama7.38 hours$789

Airline Websites

  • BoA
  • Avianca
  • American Airlines
  • LAN
  • Copa

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Fees and Requirements

  • Tourists and Bolivian residents flying internationally from Bolivia must pay a departure tax of $25 US at the airport
  • US citizens are required to pay $135 for a tourist visa which  can be applied for in advance through a consulate in the US or upon arrival at the airport. Most other countries may enter without a visa for period of up to 90 days
  • Bolivia requires foreigners to provide a yellow fever vaccination certificate. Whist not always enforced, travellers can be denied entry if they don’t have proof of having had the yellow fever injection. Before flying to Bolivia it’s recommended travellers consult their GP or a private travel clinic for the most up-to-date medical advice
  • A passport valid for at least six months beyond the intended length of stay in Bolivia is required
  • For information on Bolivia’s airport custom rules and embarkation taxes check out the IATA travel center website

Booking a Flight to and from Miami

Flights to and from Miami can be booked directly through the airline’s own website or through a flight search comparison website such as Skyscanner:

Travel Tips

  • Don’t wait to book flights. If you know when and where you’re going, savings can be made by booking as far in advance as possible
  • Shop around. Check out different booking sites such as Skyscanner as well as airlines’ actual websites for up-to-date cost comparisons
  • Delete your cookies/history. Always search for flights in incognito or private browsing mode on your computer to see the lowest prices. Often booking sites will increase prices based on your previous search results, scaring you into booking a flight before the price ‘goes up’ even higher!
  • Be flexible with your dates. Like most countries, the most expensive time to fly to Bolivia is during the high season (July – August, Christmas and Easter)
  • Book your internal flights separately. Flying within Bolivia is quick and fairly economical, so once you have your international flight sorted, search Bolivia’s domestic airlines’ websites for suitable flights.
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